Randvest takes a long term view on its investment strategy in order to achieve strong, sustainable growth of its assets for the mutual benefit of shareholders and other investment partners.

RVC invests in all industries and sectors across small to mid-sized companies, which typically exhibit any of the following attributes:

  • sound business strategies;
  • strong market positions or unique product or service portfolios;
  • stable cash flows with the potential to achieve high returns on internally invested capital;
  • talented and experienced management teams;
  • attractive prospects for organic or acquisition based growth.

Before making an investment, RVC thoroughly evaluates the business dynamics of the industry in which the target company operates. This evaluation places particular emphasis on the competitive position of the company, future market opportunities, and unique product or service offerings. We also believe in an alignment of interests between our co-shareholders, the Board of Directors and management as being a prerequisite for long term sustainable growth.

Our geographical focus is on African companies with particular emphasis on Southern Africa. Our investments originate from a variety of sources, including private market transactions, secondary referrals or corporate restructuring projects.

Our investments can fall into any of the following four categories:


Buy and Build

In our buy and build transactions, we invest in smaller companies that have scalable platforms and backable management teams, which operate in large fragmented industries where we believe there are substantial revenue and margin benefits from sector consolidation.


Growth Equity

We make both capital and non-capital equity investments where our capital and operating experience can act as catalyst for substantial revenue and enterprise value growth.


Development Proposals

We make investments in early and later phase development projects, either on a majority or minority control basis.


Traditional Equity Markets

Our mid-size equity investments are with local or cross-boarder companies where we contribute to drive growth or operational improvements.