RVC is a private company and can make internal decisions quickly. We have a fast turnaround time to respond to any matters which need quick decision making.

We have excellent BEE credentials and a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable BEE partner, which takes a long term view on growth and building sustainable value with our partners.

We have an excellent relationship with our bankers and corporate finance advisors who understand our business and can assist to raise finance when this is required.

Our directors and advisory team bring a wealth of experience, gained from the numerous corporate transactions which they have participated in over the last two decades – this experience and insight is often invaluable for our portfolio companies as they continue to grow in their respective markets.

Over 50% of our portfolio has acquired one or more complementary businesses during our time as shareholders

At RVC we can help identify, support and potentially finance acquisitions for our portfolio companies, helping them:

  • add scale;
  • facilitate market entry;
  • acquire a new technology;
  • bring “in-house” a key supplier or distributor;
  • expand geographic footprint.

We believe in simple and clear deal structures, which are uncomplicated and understood by all the parties in each transaction. Our team of advisors are also friendly and flexible to working with other advisors.